Self Bettering

Howdy! This is a blog that I am making for myself. However, if you are here and you want to learn how to get better, good for you and enjoy. 

I am compiling things that I find useful towards that end. If you want to add something, feel free to post it to a comment. 

Danny Echo

Some old things I found on my iPhone note pad. Pretty useful  

“First, go into some quiet spot (preferably in bed at night) where you will not be disturbed or interrupted, close your eyes, and repeat aloud, (so you may hear your own words) the written statement of the amount of money you intend to accumulate, the time limit for its accumulation, and a description of the service or merchandise you intend to give in return for the money. As you carry out these instructions, SEE YOURSELF ALREADY IN POSSESSION OF THE MONEY. 
For example, suppose that you intend to accumulate $50,000 by the first of January, five years hence, that you intend to give personal services in return for the money, in the Capacity of a salesman. Your written statement of your purpose should be similar to the following: 
“By the first day of January, 20XX, I will have in my possession $50,000, which will come to me in various amounts from time to time during the interim. 
“In return for this money I will give the most efficient service of which I am capable, rendering the fullest possible quantity, and the best possible quality of service in the capacity of salesman of (describe the service or merchandise you intend to sell. 
“I believe that I will have this money in my possession. My faith is so strong that I can now see this money before my eyes. I can touch it with my hands. It is now awaiting transfer to me at the time, and in the proportion that I deliver the service I intend to render in return for it. I am awaiting a plan by which to accumulate this money, and I will follow that plan, when it is received.” 
Second, repeat this program night and morning until you can see, (in your imagination) the money you intend to accumulate. 
Third, place a written copy of your statement where you can see it night and morning, and read it just before retiring, and upon arising until it has been memorized. 
Remember, as you carry out these instructions, that you are applying the principle of auto-suggestion, for the purpose of giving orders to your subconscious mind. 
Remember, also, that your subconscious mind will act ONLY upon instructions which are emotionalized, and handed over to it with “feeling.” 
FAITH is the strongest, and most productive of the emotions. Follow the instructions given in the chapter on FAITH. 
These instructions[…]” 

Excerpt From: Greg Habstritt & Napoleon Hill. “Think and Grow Rich.” iBooks.  
This material may be protected by copyright. 

Check out this book on the iBookstore: 
Check out this book on the iBookstore:

Random notes and quotes 

If there's no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm. 

Hold yourself to higher standards.

No test, no testimony.

Fasten your seatbelts, because you will experience some turbulence before you reach a comfortable altitude.


Goal Setting (Incomplete) 

Goal Setting.

Long Range goals, Short range goals 


1) Economics

well-planned economics puts you in the top 5%

2) Things

make a list. Put everything you really want on your list including the small stuff. 

The list will be more effective if you are actually get the things on it.

3) Personal Development

Be stronger, smarter, public speaker

a) work on your goals b) making plans 


write your goals down. 

How to learn at a high level 

What is the process of learning? 
1) Measure a smaller unit success. start Small, chunk it out. 

This means to start small by chunking out parts of a whole subject. Every subject of study needs smaller sections to build up to. 

2) Drill one thing until it becomes a habit then move on. 

Take each chunk and focus on it until you have a good grasp of it then move on.

3) Shorter periods of study every day are better than long sporadic cramming sessions. 

Spend 30 minutes a day learning and give it time to digest.

4) When starting, test as many different methods as you can, when growing stick with one. 

Everybody learns a different way, and every teacher teaches a different way. So test out many different methods and teachers then stick to the one you like the best and double down on that. I like Gary Vaynerchuck but he throws out some words that I don't get and I find myself falling behind in the lesson. Some teachers bring religion into their lessons and I am not religious so I try to make their lesson work for me or I move on.

5) Debrief to avoid making the same mistakes. 

Talk to someone with experience in the subject about your progress and ask for opinions. 

This video is the source of information.


While watching the above video this subject came up, so I thought I'd add it here...

(how to spot dangerous advice) 
1) only ever take advice from people who are living the life you want in that particular field.

1A) look where their advice has taken them.

1B) find the people who followed their advice and see how they are doing.

1C) can I test it quickly? 

3) find friends who are supportive of your happiness even if it means change. 
Cut out the friends that do want to see you happy. 

4) pick influences with both a skill set and a life philosophy you admire. 
Do you want to live the way they do? Do they value people and things the way that you do? Don't pick up their bad habits.



How to build a positive Belief System 

1) Change the way you view life experiences.

If you've been beaten up or bullied by people, change the way you view the experience by saying to yourself  "I'm grateful for getting beaten up or bullied because it helped me build resilience. I am tougher now because of it." 

If you are struggling financially say to yourself  "I'm thankful for being broke because it pushed me to learn about money and how to make it work for me." 

If you feel like you are alone, say to yourself  "I am happy that I have no friends because It taught me that I'm the only one that will help me and I will start helping myself to be better."

2) External programming.

People will respect you to the degree that you respect yourself. If you are allowing someone to belittle you, shame on you, not them.

Remeber "What I allow is what will continue", don't let someone else externally program you. 

This means that if someone tells you that you cant do something, and you believe them, you are a willing victim. If you don't wholeheartedly agree with what they are saying and you fail to do the thing you want in your life, it's your own fault. 

3) What you say and what you think about yourself.

Brainwash your self in a positive way. Everything you say about yourself makes it more true. 
The quality of your life is based on the quality of the questions you ask yourself.

"Why are you such an idiot?"  The only thing a negative belief system can produce is negative results. 

Start saying positive things to yourself. "I am so good at  my job!"  "I am awesome!" "I can do anything I really want to do!"

Write it down, and say it every day to yourself.